Future was confirmed to be the father of 1-year-old Reign Wilburn this week, marking his eighth child with an eighth woman. It was a given that Wendy Williams, who has created a whole "baby mama chart" for the rapper in previous years, would have something to say about this. She did not disappoint with the at-home version of her daytime talk show.

Finding out about Future's eighth confirmed child, Wendy Williams tore the rapper a new one, urging him to just get a vasectomy at this point.

"I say he’s pathetic and so are you if you dare lay down with this man. You think nothing of yourself. I’m talking about Future," said the talk show host. "And they say he’s worth $40 million dollars, so what?! Eight kids, the DNA test is confirmed."

She then moved onto Eliza Reign, the mother of Future's newest daughter. Apparently, she's not exempt from the smoke either after allegedly referring to her own little girl as a "check baby."

"Check baby? That’s pretty pathetic of her. Come on! And she wants child support. $53,000 a month for one child. That’s a lot of money," she added. "It’s just a horrible story all around. Future, you need to tie it in a knot although I guarantee you, this time next year he’ll have two more kids."

She might not even be wrong. His legal suit with Cindy Parker, another woman who alleges to have had his baby, was closed but this result may tempt her to keep pushing.

Watch below.