Wendy Williams is known for giving shady commentary on the latest gossip involving celebrities and public figures. The entertainer isn't as enthusiastic when she is the target of the same kind of side-eyeing and snide remarks she dishes out daily, however. Williams was placed in the hot seat as many headlines informed the masses on her husband's alleged cheating. The source that broke the story, Love B Scott, has received an official statement sent through Williams' lawyers addressing the matter.

The gossip site, which claims to be William's source for a lot of the subjects she includes in her talk show, was hit with a cease and desist letter from the host's legal representation. Part of the message claims that "Mrs. Wendy Williams-Hunter and Mr. Kevin Hunter categorically deny each and every allegation made by your 'sources,' even if not specifically enumerated herein."

This comes even though a long investigation bordering on stalking was reported by the Daily Mail last year. The publication gathered information, including photos, of both Kevin Hunter and his alleged mistress. The report also stated that Williams' has "caught Hunter cheating in 2001 after the birth of their son, but in speaking about it publicly she said it made their relationship stronger."