Wendy Williams is constantly saying something to spark a headline. Whether its beef with rappers or her takes on the Kardashian clan, she's built her show on controversial statements that are simultaneously polarizing and entertaining. Earlier today, she revealed that she's been diagnosed with Graves' disease. Doctor's suggested she takes some time off immediately which she'll start tomorrow. However, don't expect anyone to be replacing her during her absence.

TMZ recently caught up with Wendy Williams outside of her New York City studio after she taped the latest episode of her show. The conversation between them went smoothly up until they asked her about whether she'd consider a temporary replacement while she's on sick leave. Williams wasn't even interested in entertaining that idea. 

"How dare you? Who are you?" She said to the cameraman with a disgusted look on her face as she rolled up the window on him. 

Shortly after she made the announcement on her show, her rep told TMZ that they'll be airing re-runs in her absence. Her sick leave starts tomorrow so she won't be on TV for the next few weeks but she did say that she'll be updating her fans and viewers on her Facebook page. 

The Wendy Williams' show wouldn't be the same without Wendy Williams', even if it was temporary. Either way, expect her back on the air in the coming weeks.

Peep her encounter with TMZ below.