Wendy Williams has seemingly been dealing with a lot lately. Most notably, the photos that surfaced online showing her husband driving his mistress around town in a red Bentley. Despite the personal issues she's dealing with, she has still continued on with a good face hosting her talk show where just yesterday she bashed Nicki Minaj's Paper Magazine cover, calling it "desperate and distasteful." She also had a few words for Terry Crews who is going after Hollywood agent, Adam Venit, for sexually assaulting him saying the actor's career "will suffer." 

As for her latest opinion on things, Wendy brings up the recent Cardi B diss track by Joseline Hernandez called "Hate Me Now." You hear Joseline rap in reference to the "Bodak Yellow" emcee saying, "Drag a Bronx bitch, yeah I said it—what you gonna do?/ Fabricated, illustrated, cartoon/ Bloody my ass…you holler Blood/ Who the hell cosigned this hoe?"

When Wendy asks her co-host if he thinks Cardi should retaliate to the record, he replies with an immediate yes adding, "it can't hurt." Wendy then explains how she feels about rapper feuds overall. 

"I just find beefs really corny because whoever the bigger person is, is giving credibility to the smaller person - I'm not saying that Joseline is small, I'm just saying that she's no Cardi B," she says in the clip below.

This isn't the first time Wendy has spoken about Cardi B. Back when Offset proposed to the rapper, Wendy was quick to share how she thought Cardi should have said no. 

“[She’s] 25-years-old, Cardi came from nothing; bought herself some new teeth; she’s got a really good career right now! And, my thought is, there’s a whole lot that goes into staying exactly where you are Cardi, or getting better, because you’re going to get endorsements… things are about to happen and this is not the time to be stalled with a guy you’ve only known for eight months," she told her audience. "Even accepting the ring is accepting things to happen… it doesn’t mean they have to get married now, but the proposal is the drum roll. No one has time to wait for a 5-year engagement.”