Last week, Nicki Minaj's husband, Kenneth Petty, made headlines for failing to register as a sex offender. When he was pulled over in Los Angeles back in November 2019, police charged him for not submitting himself to the sex offender registry in the state of California after moving there from New York. TMZ only broke the story last week as Petty was going in for his court hearing, which resulted in the charges being dropped by the state only because he is being held accountable for similar charges in a federal case. 

With all this talk circulating about Petty, Wendy Williams was bound to chime in, as she has a history of picking apart Nicki's life on her show. At the end of Tuesday's episode of The Wendy Williams Show, Wendy did not hold back on shaming the rapper for her decision to marry a registered sex offender - a decision which Wendy feels has greatly damaged Nicki's image. “Let me tell you something Nicki,” Wendy began. “You should have never married him. Because now, you’ve ruined everything about what your brand could be, again. You’re never gonna stand a chance when you’re with a man who pulls a knife at rape-point… a molester. A registered sex offender, who wasn’t even registered. You’re never going to stand a chance with John Q. Public, because there’s only one thing worse than touching children, and pulling knives: and that’s murder. By the way, he did go to jail for manslaughter."

When Wendy commenced her rant, she mistakenly said that the man she was about to discuss was Nicki's brother. She later clarified this mix-up while pointing out that Nicki's brother also happens to be in jail, serving 25 years to life for child rape