Kevin Hunter Jr. punched his father in the face a couple of weeks back after the duo got into an altercation in a parking lot weeks after Wendy Williams filed for divorce from her husband. Reports detailed how senior Kevin Hunter was telling his son to forge his own path since he felt that Wendy was "brainwashing" their son since their divorce. Junior wasn't a fan and ultimately took Wendy's side when he punched his dad, leading to his arrest. 

TMZ now reports that Kevin and Kevin junior are by no means closer to mending their relationship and sources close to the family told the publication that Junior's not taking his father's attempts to patch things up. Apparently, Kevin Senior believes that he and his son should work things out for a better relationship and thinks Wendy has something to do with the fact that Kevin Junior isn't budging. 

Bruce Glikas/Bruce Glikas/Getty Images 

In other Wendy news, the talk show host was recently spotted with a mystery man in Los Angeles when she stepped out to Craig's in West Hollywood. Of course, the outing sparked rumors about the man being a possible new fling, but it was a questionable act since Wendy was still wearing her wedding ring. 

While her marriage is definitely over, Wendy's still deciding who she wants to couple up with next.