Following Wendy Williams' separation from her ex-husband, Kevin Hunter, things began to get even more escalated. Earlier this year, reports emerged that Kevin Hunter and his son with Williams got into a scrap in a parking lot, resulting in Kevin Hunter Jr. punching his father in the face. Kevin Hunter Jr. was ultimately charged by domestic incident prosecutors, even though his father didn't want to press charges. According to TMZ, he's entered a not guilty plea in the assault case with his lawyer asking for more time to  "review factors in the case." His attorney said he thought the case would be resolved at the next hearing which is an indication that the charges would be dismissed or that Kevin Hunter Jr. enters a plea.

Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter Sr. were both reportedly supposed to be in court to support their son. Plans charged after Williams and Hunter were advised that it wasn't necessary for them to appear in court since the hearing would be continued. They reported opted to wait outside in a car. 

Despite their messy divorce, Williams reportedly insisted that she and Kevin Hunter will "work through this" and will maintain a relationship with one another as friends for the sake of their son. "There's still love between us, regardless of the divorce," she reportedly told a friend.