Things turn a turn for the worse in Wendy Williams family this week after her son and her estranged husband scrapped in a parking lot. As the story goes, things between father and son were alright despite the allegations against Kevin Hunter Sr. and Wendy's subsequent decision to divorce him. However, the demand for spousal and child support on Kevin Sr.'s behalf brought tension between him and his son. Kevin Sr. reportedly put his son in a headlock before Kevin Jr. punched him in the face. Kevin Jr. was later arrested.

Gregg Newton/Disney Parks via Getty Images

Whether Wendy Williams' son still holds resentment towards his father hasn't been confirmed yet but recent reports seem to state that he's riding with his mom on this one. PageSix reports that ever since he was released from a New Jersey jail on Wednesday after his arrest, he's stayed by his mother's side. It's unsure if she feels the need to babysit their 18-year-old after the incident but he did fly out to Chicago with his mom following his release.

Williams and her son attended Sweets and Snacks Expo where she showed face on behalf of Candy Pop. Her son was her guest but he didn't have any official role in the event. Additionally, Wendy recently revealed that her son is currently living with her at her NYC apartment that she recently moved into.