There's no doubt that fast food joints compete against each other, it's the nature of business in general. However, the power of the Internet and social media have made the competition between these fast food restaurants much more evident and entertaining. Over the past few months, we've seen more fast food restaurants roasting each other on Twitter and Instagram. However, nobody would thought it would ever go as far as one of these fast food restaurants legitimizing the feud with a mixtape.

Earlier in the week, Wendy's announced that they'd be dropping a mixtape appropriately titled, We Beefin? Many assumed it was a joke but apparently it wasn't. The fast food restaurant has officially released their mixtape and fired shots at rival chain such as McDonald's and Burger King in the process. 

Wendy's uses this as both a promotional tactic for their product while simultaneously shitting on their competition. The song, "Rest In Grease," bucks shots at McDonald's and their infamously broken ice cream machines.

"You number one? That's a joke/ Why your ice cream machine always broke?/ Why your drive-thru always slow/ Why your innovation can't grow."

With Wendy's actually dropping a mixtape, it feels like they're bound to spark a new trend among other fast food joints. It wouldn't be surprising if McDonald's fires back at them with their own mixtape.

Peep the six track EP below and let us know what you think in the comment section.