Today marks Burger King's last day of offering their limited edition Halloween burger that is said to induce nightmares, really. Just in time for the exit of one fast food chain's unique offering, Wendy's has now come through with a special gift of their own with a special deal on fries. 

Wendy's is selling any size fry for only $1 at most of the 6,000 nationwide locations starting today. Normally, a small order goes for $2.29, a medium for $2.69, and a large for $2.89. The only catch to the special is that the fries cannot be added to a meal and can only be bought individually for the low price.

"When it comes to the price of fries, size truly doesn’t matter. Small, medium, large, micro, gigantic," Wendy's writes. "Okay, those last two aren’t real fry sizes, but if they were, they’d only cost $1. Stop by a participating Wendy’s and get the fry that fits you for only a buck."

The low fry deal will only go on for a limited time, which leads us to believe a week or two max.