Being a celebrity has its perks. Chance The Rapper let off a few thoughts on Twitter a couple of months back, requesting the return of Spicy Chicken Nuggets at Wendy's. Now, it's not the first time anyone's made the request but Chance's celebrity prowess managed to get on Wendy's radar. After launching his Twitter campaign, Wendy's pledged to bring them back this summer and now, they're keeping good to their promise. The fast-food franchise confirmed on Twitter that the Spicy Chicken Nuggets will officially be returning this Monday. On top of that, they also revealed that the chicken nuggets will be offered with the 4 four $4.

While we've yet to get a reaction from Chance The Rapper, it's safe to say that he's happy Wendy's kept their word. After his initial interaction with the company's Twitter, they said that if he got 2M likes on an Instagram post, they'd bring it back. Clearly, that wasn't a hard goal to accomplishment. Chance also suggested that Wendy's brings back the menu item on the same day he drops his album.

Chance isn't the only rapper who took issue with Wendy's over the removal of the nuggets. In late June, Nicki nearly unleashed the Barbz on them after they announced the return of Spicy Nuggets. "Why do y’all keep taking it off the menu in the first place? Just leave it. Y’all mad aggy," she wrote. Wendy's simply offered an apology with hopes that they'll stick around on the menu this time around.