Planet of The Apes is one of those classic movies that, if revisited, has to be done right. Because the original has such a cult following, details need to be on point in every film of the franchise. Therefore, direction needs to be on point as well. That is why, Disney has locked in Wes Ball as director of the upcoming Planet of The Apes film. 

Planet of the Apes marketing
Charley Gallay/Getty Images

Now while information is still unknown as to whether or not the next movie will pick up from where the last left off, or if it will be a completely new reboot, the one thing that is for certain is Ball's involvement. Wes Ball's resume includes having directed all three Maze Runner films.

The last Planet of The Apes film was War of the Planet of the Apes which was directed by Matt Reeves. Andy Serkis starred as Caesar, king of the apes, in the last movie and at this time it is uncertain as to whether or not he will join the cast for another installment. 

Disney recently acquired 20th Century Fox, who create the Planet of The Apes movies, in March. The upcoming Apes film will be the first one created by Disney.