These days, it's alarming when someone's trending on Twitter. Often times, someone's dead or in the midst of getting canceled. However, whenever Donald Trump starts trending, you can assume that a) he's alive and well b) he's certainly not canceled. The New York Times released a report revealing the president's tax returns over the years which indicates that he hadn't filed taxes in 10 out of 15 years. 

Arnold Turner/Getty Images

Trump is notoriously the only sitting president who hasn't made tax information available to the public. In 2016, he paid $750 in taxes while paying another $750 the year he entered office. It wasn't a shock that Trump, despite never revealing the information himself, called the report "fake news" while insisting that he has paid taxes.

In the midst of all of this going down, Wesley Snipes started trending on Twitter. Snipes was sentenced to three years in prison in 2006 for failure to file tax returns. Many started calling out the evident bias between Trump and Snipes, as well as other Black celebrities, such as Lauryn Hill and Ronald Isley, who had to actually sentenced to federal prison time for committing similar crimes as the president. Though we haven't received a response from Snipes on the matter, fans and supporters came out the woodwork with memes and thoughtful opinions on the matter. You can check those out below.