The sad reality: whenever someone reaches the top, many immediately mobilize to plot on -- and sometimes actively contribute to -- the descent. For Westside Gunn, who helped steer his Griselda label to prominence alongside Conway The Machine and Benny The Butcher, it would appear that some have already attempted to sow discord in the acclaimed camp. A camp that is, in fact, bonded by blood; Conway and Gunn are brothers, with Benny being their cousin.

Conway Westside Gunn

Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty Images

Over the past few weeks, rumors have gained life suggesting that all is not quite so harmonious within the Griselda camp. In fact, a recent narrative suggested that Conway intended on leaving the group entirely, which in turn spiraled into a full-scale beef storyline. Now, with some having actually convinced themselves that there is trouble in the Griselda ranks, Westside Gunn has taken it upon himself to dead the falsehood full stop.  

After sharing an Instagram photoshoot, a commenter caught Gunn's attention after saying "don't let Conway ride on you." Clearly annoyed by the suggestion, Gunn responded with a reality check. "I’m with him right now," writes the Flygod. "U do know that’s my brother smh I hate u internet nig*as." And like that, rumors of a fractured Griselda camp seemed to fade, though it's likely that some will still look to stir the pot regardless. For those who were alarmed about the possibility of an acrimonious split, rest assured that you can sleep easy. Family ties run deep, and Griselda isn't going anywhere.

Image via Instagram