The rise of Griselda has been beautiful to watch, especially for those who've been longing for street-centric bars to come back into the mainstream. Though it feels like the majority of consumers are more interested in doing the "Toosie Slide," Westside Gunn, Benny The Butcher, and Conway have earned the respect of the hip-hop community at large by doing things in their own way. Carefully meshing together the worlds of high fashion and the streets, they've received nods from major designers like Virgil Abloh and even artists like Drake who's rumored to have a song with the Griselda collective in the cut.

Another artist who's connected to both Virgil and Drake has given Griselda the stamp of approval and that's Kanye West. Westside Gunn recently spoke to Elliot Wilson for TIDAL's Check In IG Live series where he revealed that he and Kanye have had plans to cook up for a while. In fact, he said that he and Kanye were supposed to lock into the studio in Cabo but unfortunately, with the current pandemic, they had to push their plans back.

"Ever since [Sunday Service], we talk every other day," he said before revealing that they've really developed a solid friendship. He explained that they had plans to go to Cabo after heading to Wyoming but unfortunately, after taking the PJ back to Los Angeles, the COVID-19 outbreak occurred.

"We just stay in touch and we just buildin', man. So, me and Ye, we about to be working. You know, it's wild. He's not doing no swearin' or nothing like that on records no more," he said. "All that shit is true. I heard the new project that nobody heard. Crazy, it's crazy. Much respect to 'Ye. Even though he's not cursing, it still sounds dope. The production is still crazy."

Peep the entire clip below.