Fans of Lil Uzi Vert have been concerned recently that the Atlanta rapper/rockstar has been going too far into satanic territory. Ever since previewing his upcoming Eternal Atake album with imagery borrowed from the Heaven's Gate cult, his followers have been trying to bring him back to the other side, one even going so far as to throw a bible onstage at Uzi's show.

In recent days, though, Uzi has moved away from Satanism to focus on new music. He's been previewing songs off his new album and appeared on his unofficial adopted brother Young Thug's Slime Language compilation album. Last night, he arrived at his show with G-Eazy in a helicopter, filming it on his Instagram Live and posting a post-landing video:

The show took place in New Jersey, where Uzi was performing as a part of G-Eazy's "Endless Summer" Tour which continues tonight in Virginia Beach.

The move away from satanism is coupled with a move toward something far less known and much weirder. The Heaven's Gate cult that Uzi references in his album art is centred around some left-field theories about a UFO, which Uzi has alluded to in a series of tweets that referenced the mass suicide of the members of the cult who thought they would be transported off the earth. 

The helicopter seems to be the closest thing to a UFO Uzi could find.