The Trump administration has recently delayed its decision on whether or not the word "negro" should be removed from federal standards and forms where it is currently used. The official outcome of this debate was to be revealed on December 1; however, Trump and other members of the senate remain tight-lipped on why no verdict has been reached regarding this topic. 

Many view the term as archaic, but according to Essence, the word is still presently in use on any federal forms. This means that many state governments, hospitals, and even schools rely on these federal standards to determine what language is considered acceptable when filling out racial and ethnic profiles on forms. 

Speaking on behalf of Urban League, president Mark Morial states how there "is a very clear consensus that the obsolete term 'Negro' should be eliminated." Morial states how organizations such as Urban League and the NAACP "urge the administration to proceed immediately, keeping the fairness and accuracy of the census at the forefront of concern." 

Trump's relationship with issues surrounding race and ethnicity has been heavily criticized since before he assumed his presidency. Celebrities, politicians, athletes and other notable public figures have been quick to share strong opinions related to the president's less-than-stellar stance on racism. Most recently, Eminem has offered a scorned critique of Trump on his latest album Revival, while Colin Kaepernick infamously kneeled during the national anthem as a rebuttal towards Trump and systemic racism. 

Only time will tell what congress will eventually decide on the matter at hand and oust an outdated word.