Donald Trump is constantly a source of controversy. Whether it's his morning rants on Twitter or comments he makes during press conferences, he definitely holds nothing back and the worst part is, he's never apologetic for what he says despite who it may offend. Earlier today, the White House hosted an event to honor Native American military veterans. While honoring these veterans, he took a moment to fire a shot at Senator Elizabeth Warren by calling her "Pocahontas" due to her Native American background. This isn't the first time he's called her that and likely not the last time. He's caught flack for using the term as a racial slur. However, his press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, denied that it was racial in any way.

During a press conference earlier today at the White House, Huckabee was asked why the president thought it would be okay to use a term that's offensive to others. Instead of directly responding to what he asked, she flipped it on Warren to say people are more offended that she lied about her heritage to further her career.

"What I think most people find offensive is Senator Warren lying about her heritage to advance her career," Huckabee said. 

She later responded to Warren's claims that "Pocahontas" is a racial slur by saying it's a "ridiculous response" to what Trump had said. 

A few questions in, someone asked why Trump thought it would be okay to use a racial slur in any context. Which was the moment when Huckabee completely denied that he did.

"I don't believe that it is appropriate for him to make a racial slur, or anybody else," Sanders said, "I don't think that it is [a racial slur] and I certainly don't think that was the president's intent."

The comments in which they were referring was when he was honoring the Native American's who served as code talkers in WWII.

"You were here long before any of us were here. Although we have a representative in Congress who, they say, was here a long time ago. They call her Pocahontas," he said about Warren.

Despite the comment, Huckabee assured everyone that his respect for the Native American code talkers were reflective in his actions of inviting them to the White House.

You could watch both clips below: