Rarely one to let the world in on his personal life, Post Malone prefers to stay pretty mum about his love life. This time, however, it looks like Post is willing to let the world know he’s found love again. The rapper’s rumored new girlfriend, Korean rapper MLMA, shared some affectionate shots of them together earlier this week on Instagram seemingly confirming that they are in fact an item. So, who exactly is Post Malone’s new girl? 

She doesn't reveal her real name online

MLMA, which stands for “Me Love Me A Lot,” is a rapper, designer, and visual artist. Born in Seoul, the young artist declines to disclose any of her personal information online, including her name or age. However, she has stated that she grew up so poor, she had to make her own barbie dolls out of toilet paper.

She is an artist 

With over 1.3 million followers on Instagram, the rapper uses the platform to share her niche artwork where, according to a Vogue interview, she “uses her face and body as the canvas to present a wildly imaginative, often satirical and feminist body of work that navigates the thin line between what’s gorgeous and what’s gross.” She also seems to have a self-directed original anime series in development. She's gone viral for her unique make-up looks, and she's especially known for starting a trend called the 'wavy brow' in 2018.

She has a streetwear brand

In addition to her body art, the rapper is also the designer of her own streetwear brand called SKOOT popular amongst the skater community. She was previously a designer at the popular streetwear brand MIXXMIX. She left her design job in 2014 to pursue her artistic career.

She also makes music

As a musician, her latest single “Deal Me,” which was released last month, has generated nearly 10,000 views. She also released an eerie self-directed music video for her single “you cant kill me im alive” back in May, which has received 170,000 views to date.  

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