Who Would Win The World Cup Of Rap?

Rose Lilah
June 26, 2014 14:34

HNHH hits the streets to find out strangers' opinions on who would win the rap game if it were a World Cup.

With the 2014 FIFA World Cup happening in Brazil these days, a lot of attention is focused on that, with fans of the game coming out the woodwork just for the special event. We decided to bring the topic of the World Cup into the rap game, for a hypothetical "Who would win the World Cup of rap?"

For "Word On The Street" we hit the streets of NYC to find out who people are voting for in the real life World Cup, and then we find out who they think would win this rap game thing if it were a World Cup. It seems like according to the fans, it's against OVO, Black Hippy and Migos.

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Who Would Win The World Cup Of Rap?