SUPER SLIMEY is a raw glimpse at two of the foremost Atliens working towards a common goal: recognition of their collective talents. But, often times, it feels like this joint effort between Future and Young Thug could very well be a collection of throwaways from their year long recording stint (808 Mafia co-founder, Southside, implied as much in a recent Complex interview). They don’t go straight for the hits, which is admirable, opting instead to treat this outing as a sparring ground for their ever-elusive raps. However, with this in mind, only a few cuts (“Patek Water,” “Real Love,” “Mink Flow”) sound fully realized, and the solo tracks end up making as much of an impact as the group efforts. 

One of these standalone joints, “Killed Before,”  is a bluesy banger from Thug and longtime collaborator, London On Da Track. Since before the days of “Check,” and even before the days of “Lifestyle,” “Hookah,” and “About the Money,” London has been crucial in challenging and molding Thug’s palette. Their chemistry is undeniable and they’ve always seemed fixated on creating defiant, genre-bending anthems. Despite all they’ve already accomplished together, “Killed Before” breaks new ground as London’s wistful beat, anchored by a nostalgic guitar loop, inspires Thug to deliver what may be his best performance of the year. A beautifully surreal hook, about reincarnation and $4 million worth of jewelry, is met with two sweeping, stellar verses that are hinged on Thug’s mesmerizing vocal range. It’s undeniable proof that the best is yet to come. 

Thug’s now-iconic Slime Season series was always supposed to be a Young Thug & London On Da Track collab - an idea that was presumably offset by the vast amount of leaks that occurred in May of 2015. In the wake of that carnage, Slime Season 1 and Slime Season 2 turned into efforts to salvage the best leaks, and Slime Season3 (which was rolled out with a literal funeral procession), a clear bid to the mainstream, was made out to be the last installment in the series. In general, it never felt right that they capped off the entire series without trying to deliver on the original premise.

If Thug and London were to release Slime Season 4 this year, we have no doubt that it would be one of, if not the wildest, most unhinged record of 2017. It could also spark another career-changing run for the 26 year old rapper. They have been teasing a pt. 4 for a few months now and it would be the perfect bookend to one of the most surreal years in recent memory. To give you a taste of why we’re so eager for this project, the following three collaborations with London have all been leaked this year and, yup, you guessed it - they are all varying levels of great.