Will Smith is perhaps better known nowadays as the gilded father of two aspirational children. This is the untold story of reaping his hard earned rewards, of his discovering his true sexual self, his confused mid life crisis, and an innumerable list of gags which we are bound to enjoy, because yes, Will hasn't completely hung 'em out to dry.

This original video places Will on vacation in the Cayman Islands, where he is assisting a steelpan ensemble as they perform Richie Valens' late 50's classic "la bamba". The main issue here lies in the fact that Will Smith is taking too much attention away from the more qualified musicians, and secondly, he doesn't know a damn word in the song beyond the chorus. Although I do believe Will to be in on the joke well beforehand, that didn't stop Instagram users from taking aim.

The general public certainly had a field day with his botched delivery. Never the less, Will the perfectionist had to clap back with a better rehearsed version of "La Bamba" Here he is taking a second out of his day to prove the doubters wrong.