When you're worth $250 million, you're probably not used to having to borrow money. It's probably been a little while since Smith had to worry about gas money, but he was recently put in a very awkward station where he was strapped for cash on an empty tank.

"I was about 30 minutes from my house, so I pulled into the gas station and I didn't have my wallet," he revealed during his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel.

After mulling over calling his wife, Jada Pinkett to come rescue him, Will got the bright idea to scope out a fan and see if he could get a little monetary assistance.

“I looked over on the other side and I saw a dude. He was, like, 36, and I was like, ‘That dude is a Fresh Prince fan.’ You can spot ’em!” he joked. 

Apparently, all he had to do was roll his window down and wait 'til the unsuspecting man caught a glimpse of him. When that happened, everything fell into place.

“He said, ‘Hey, man, can I get a picture?’ I said, ‘Yeah man, I need about $10.,’ ” said Will with a grin. 

Strangely, even though the fan knew he was shelling out cash for a millionaire, he refused to give the actor his information, insisting "it's yours!"

Watch Will tell the story below.