A long, long time ago, having a promotional song and music video drop to promote an upcoming blockbuster film was commonplace. No one was better at this than Will Smith, having made the transition from rapper, to TV actor, to movie star. However, the practice became less common, and all of a sudden we didn't hear any new music from Will Smith.

Well, that's about to change, as the Fresh Prince is officially coming out of retirement to fuck up the whole game. In a video posted on his YouTube channel yesterday, Smith posts up in the studio and confirms that we'll be getting a new project coming soon. 

"I was doing a television show, a movie, and an album every year. So I was just churning out that kind of creativity," Smith says. "What happens is you get to a point where you get empty. I'm excited, I'm re-energized and I'm creating wildly like I used to."

"I got the beast back," Smith states. 

It's not enough to just say that you're making music, however, and Will gives his fans a lengthy preview of one of his upcoming tracks. The first standout aspect of the song is that he's rapping on a trap beat, and the second is that he's delivering straight BARS. Most of his life for the past decade has been occupied with starring in movies, so he grabs most of his inspiration from that. Other rappers may be rich, but they definitely don't have Men In Black money. 

What do you think about Will Smith's return to music? Is he too old, or is he just what the game needs? Check the video out below.