Will Smith has officially joined Instagram and his good pal Justin Timberlake welcomed him to the platform by filling him in on Throwback Thursday. Posting a photo of the two, Justin adds the caption, "Welcome to Instagram @willsmith. This is called a #TBT. Which means Throwback Thursday."

Will thanked his friend for the warm welcome by posting his first ever video to his account reminding him that he "knows what throwback Thursday is." 

"I'm not like...I ain't been in a hole," he says letting JT know that he's current. "You know, and I heard you doing the Super Bowl so I wanted to help you out - just the things to avoid," he adds, in reference to when Justin Timberlake exposed Janet Jackson's breast at the 2004 Super Bowl. Will then points the camera to this own nipple and tells JT to "avoid that."

The Bright actor laughs at himself and reminds JT that he's got mad love for him. Check out both posts below.