Will Smith probably has the greatest Instagram account. He is always surprising his following with diversified styles of content. His latest upload would be labeled as a "storytime" post by Youtube users.

The actor sat in front of a camera to recount a story about his father that has marked him to this day.

"A gangster was coming to my house to kill me. He was sitting in front of my house and he put a gun on his dashboard, and my father came down to talk to him."

The young Will was terrified, peeping the scene from one of his house's windows. His father legit told the man that his son was inside the house. He did, however, give the gun-totting dude a fair warning.

"But if you kill Will, you're gonna have to kill us all. We ain't accepting no f*cking threats from you."

Then, Smith Sr turned his back to the armed gangster and walked away. The present-day Will Smith understand the impact of that moment he felt as a youngster. He verbalizes it as a lesson learned.

"There's nothing worse than walking around scared [...] It was a powerful lesson about the complete rejection of fear."