Not only is he one of the greatest musicians and composers of this century, and arguably of all timeStevie Wonder's got jokes. Will Smith's Instagram page is a must-follow social media account for those looking for light-hearted, funny content, and recently the multi-hyphenated talent shared a video with the Motown legend.

Will and a private theater filled with his friends were all checking out Jennifer Lopez's latest film, Hustlers. Unbeknownst to Will, his pals had a birthday surprise in store for him, and it's something that only happens to people in a certain tax bracket. "So Jennifer, this is crazy. So, we're in the movie, and this is a really weird story. It's my birthday, and we're in the movie, and it's the scene where your character is talkin' 'bout Stevie Wonder was in the champagne room," Will said. "And Stevie walks in. They pause the movie, and Stevie walks in and sings me 'Happy Birthday'...So we just wanted to send this [video] to you."

Then, Will jokingly asked Stevie if he was ever in the champagne room. "Well let me tell you something," the music legend said with a smile. "If I was there, I'll never show, I'd never say." Will couldn't help but laugh, but Stevie's next line made everyone in the theater crack up. "'Cause, you know, whenever I'm asked about it I can say, 'Well, I didn't see where I was.'" Watch the funny moment below.