We know brands in the same lane got competition, but it's rare to see them go off on each other on social media, especially in the form of a rap battle...until today. 

Two popular fast food joints, Wendy's and Wingstop, went head to head over Twitter with a series of back and forth tweets that mocked their food use and freshness. 

The whole short but epic encounter started when Wingstop tweeted a verse that boasted a rhyme that followed the same tempo to the popular Migos song "Bad & Boujee." 

Wendy's followed up with a tweet that said "Sit down, be humble," firing back with a reference to Kendrick Lamar's tune "Humble."

The back and forth really took place at this point onward as each restaurant was ready with the next fire verse. Read the thread of tweets below.

Wendy's social media account fires off one more tweet to end the battle saying, "We had some fun, but yeah we're through Gift wrapping this L to send home with you."

Who do you guys think won the battle?