Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose's five-year-old son proves that he's growing up so fast since today marks his first day of kindergarten. Sebastian Taylor Thomaz looks like a cutie in the photo his dad shared to Instagram, while Wiz looks like the proudest dad out there. "❤️1ST DAY OF KINDERGARTEN❤️RODE THE BUS AND ERE THANG‼️😝," he captioned the photo. 

"The biggest joy is seeing that boy every day and he just lights my life up. When I see his face or when I hear his voice," Wiz previously stated when talking about the biggest joys and hurdles of being a dad.

"He sleeps in my bed with me so I just roll over and look at him like, “I love this boy.” The biggest hurdle is just the balance between studio live and normal life. For a long ass time, it takes a lot to reprogram your brain from 18 years of work," he added. "I’ve been going to the studio every day since high school. Then, to have another responsibility that’s just as important, I had to reprogram and put just as much energy into that balance."