Copyright is no joke in the music industry. Rappers constantly get hit with accusations that they stole someone's music whether it be a bar, a verse, the beat or the entire song. That's what Wiz Khalifa's facing right now. The Pittsburgh rapper is reportedly being sued from for stealing the song "Most Of Us" off of his 2016 album Khalifa.

Wiz Khalifa is reportedly heading to court after a rapper by the name of Cymple Man sued him for stealing the song "Most Of Us," TMZ reports.  Cymple Man says he handed Wiz Khalifa two copies of his song "Most Of Us" after he met him at an airport in Salt Lake City in 2012 with hopes he'd be interested in collaborating.

According to documents, Wiz never reached back out to him. Four years later, Wiz dropped his Khalifa  compilation record with the song "Most Of Us" on it. Cymple claims the song "unmistakably copies the essential elements." Now, Cymple is looking to sue Wiz for damages and wants him to stop using the song.

Aside from the lawsuit, Wiz Khalifa recently gave fans an update on his forthcoming album Rolling Papers 2. The rapper was initially slated to release it before the end of 2017 but obviously, that didn't occur. However, he did say that he's been writing some "amazing songs lately." In addition, he also dropped off a new song "Captain" earlier today. There's no confirmation that it'll end up on his album but it's definitely a dope single to hold us over. 

Listen to Cymple Man and Wiz Khalifa's song and let us know if you think they sound similar in the comment section.