Wiz Khalifa took to Twitter today to mourn the loss of his 20-year old uncle, named Imani Porter, who was killed in his native Pittsburgh on Wednesday, January 8th.

Reports say that Porter was shot while sitting in his car, outside of the Steak 'N Shake at the Waterfront in Pittsburgh. Wiz's relative was reportedly shot in the head around 8 PM and taken to UPMC Mercy where he died. When police searched Porter's vehicle, they allegedly found heroin, which may indicate motive.

The police released the following statement concerning the murder, 

"Through the course of the investigation we determined that the victim was seated in the front seat of a Chevrolet Impala when he was shot. Two black males were seen fleeing the Impala and leaving the area in what was described as a white Pontiac, possibly a Bonneville. Suspected narcotics were found in and around the Impala possibly indicting that robbery was the motive for the shooting."

Wiz tweeted last night, " I would have never seen this happening in a million years." See the rest of his tweets below.

We'd like to offer our condolences to Wiz Khalifa's family at this time.


[Update: Killer Surrenders]

17-year-old Jaron Young has turned himself in for the murder of Wiz Khalifa's uncle, Imani Porter. The young man will be tried as an adult, and will be charged with homicide, robbery, conspiracy and weapons charges.

Young was reportedly forced to come forward by his mother, Ronnica Sanders, who spoke to press.

“It was the right thing to do,” Sanders said. “I didn't raise my kid to be in the street. I didn't. I raised him to be a respectable young man in the community.”

While police believe Young was intending to buy heroin from Porter before the murder took place, Sanders disagrees.

“You have to have money to buy heroin,” she said. "He didn't have no money."

Police are still looking for the other man involved in the crime.