Wiz Khalifa will be releasing his long-awaited follow up to O.N.I.F.C. in August, and while he's already provided us with the cover and tracklist for the project, Wiz provided some insight on the title of the album during an interview with VladTV.

According to Khalifa, he chose the alternate spelling of black to dissociate Blacc Hollywood from blaxploitation films and the like, suggesting that he wanted to get "away from the color", and focus more on a general attitude he feels the term represents.

Read some excerpts from the interview, in which he also talks about his relationship with Atlantic Records, below.

On the idea behind the title:
Just to get everybody to—Like all the real creative people and the masterminds behind the shit that people see. I just wanted them to embrace their mind state and really have somebody telling them that their game plan is cool enough for the world. Cause I come from that whole underdog and that whole behind the scenes and then to the front of the scenes era. So, I just want people to know that I got em. I’m holding 'em, down…

On the "Blacc" spelling:
I wanted to get away from the color of it first of all because a lot of people associate black Hollywood with like the blaxploitation movies or just black actors in general. So, I just wanted to get away from the color and just more aiming towards an attitude and the more general purpose for everybody.

On working with Atlantic:
It had a lot to do with just getting the whole vision in order. And just making sure that when this came out that it’s really pushing me forward in my career and in my life. And not just putting music out to put it out. And Atlantic they really understand me, you know, as an artist. They want the best for me, so we just had to really come back and rearrange some things and just make sure that the visual’s clear. So, when it does come out we can kill it how we’re supposed to.