Wiz Khalifa has never been one to shy away from expressing his opinion, especially when it comes to substance usage. Long a purveyor of keeping up a steady marijuana diet, the Laugh Now, Fly Later rapper is now speaking out against a type of drug that he enjoys far less: lean.

In a new video that was uploaded to his personal Instagram page, Wiz set forth a pretty simple notion about the drug itself and those who use it on a regular basis. In short, he thinks lean is "lame." "You know, I was doing a little bit of thinking," he begins in his video, "because I like to think a lot." Taking long drags from a large joint all the while, Khalifa continues on his train of thought about lean, adding: "when a lot of people follow one trend, or find themselves doing the same thing that everybody else is doing, you don't really get somebody who speaks for the other side. So I'm just going to go ahead and speak for the other side - lean is lame."

He warned all of the lean sippers who might get offended by his statement to not "get any feelings." Instead, he wanted those who choose not to use lean to find solace in his words. "Feel empowered," Wiz said. "Know that lean is definitely lame." The drug's pervasiveness in hip-hop culture has certainly been a polarizing issue over the past six months, especially after Lil Wayne suffered a seizure and collapsed in his hotel room back in September. Doctors said the incident had to do with Wayne's lack of sleep and overall busy schedule, but a large faction of the online community felt that the rapper's lean use was at least partly to blame for the sudden medical scare.

Regardless of what people may think about his lean comments, Wiz Khalifa is riding high (pardon the pun) this weekend, after the release of his new mixtape Laugh Now, Fly Later. You can stream it here and check out his latest single "Letterman" as well.