Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose's son, Sebastian, is trending once again. The co-parents attended their son's baseball game with Amber's new boo, and another friend. She entered the game with her large belly, as she's still expecting her baby. They greeted each other with a friendly hug, and encouraged their son from the sidelines. It was evident that the ex-couple have an amicable relationship, and that any drama they may have gone through in the past had been over. They dated for 2 years before tying the knot in 2013, but got divorced almost a year later. 

Wiz is not only a great father and co-parent, but he's also a great coach. He's currently coaching his son's baseball team, while he juggles father duties and his music. During the game, he captured the perfect moment, as his son hit a cannonball, and posted it on his Instagram page. Amber did the same for her son -- but we can't deny Wiz Khalifa coaching the team and flaunting his kid as one of the sweetest things in the industry right now. Although DJ Khaled wants to win Father of Year with the constant praise of his son -- Wiz Khalifa definitely wins this one. 

The 32-year old rapper was spotted handing out bottles of Gatorade and supporting the team throughout. In the past, he let Bash ride the school bus on his own, and hit the stage on the Dazed & Blazed tour. It's clear that Wiz is making music hits, while staying heavily present in his son's life.

Check out their cute father-son relationship, as they match in Bash's baseball game.