Wiz Khalifa Talks "Khalifa," Kanye West & Amber Rose On Hot 97

Rose Lilah
February 03, 2016 10:16

Wiz Khalifa chops it up with Nessa Nitty over at Hot 97.

Wiz Khalifa made a quick trip to NYC to do some Khalifa promotion, and while in the city, he visited Hot 97. The interview comes in the wake of a twitter war between Wiz and Kanye, which has since been settled, not only on the rapper end but on the wifey/ex-wifey end. 

During the interview with Hot 97, Wiz talks about the sound and style of Khalifa, which he says won't be much different from what he's been doing, and will also feature his son, Sebastian. Wiz also briefly touches on his Waves beef with Kanye, saying they've spoke on the phone and it's all good-- when Nessa alludes to the fact that all this could be some well-oiled publicity stunt (all the parties involved are promoting various things right now), Wiz brushes that off. When asked if there will now be music between the two one-time-sparring partners, Wiz says, "let's focus on being friends first."

Towards the latter half of the interview, Wiz speaks on his relationship with Amber Rose, and going through his break-up with her publicly.

Watch the full interview above. Khalifa is out February 5th.

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