Back in 2010, Pittsburgh rapper and cannabis connoisseur Wiz Khalifa taught us all how to roll the perfect joint from the confines of his jacuzzi. The video has been viewed nearly ten million times but, given the trying times we are currently living in, the iconic stoner decided to remind us all of his technique.

Although it may not seem like a difficult task for an experienced pothead to roll a joint, Wiz Khalifa is putting on for the beginners out there. With the coronavirus forcing us all into self-quarantine situations, promoting social distancing and possibly commencing a new work-from-home era, Wiz Khalifa showed us all his preferred method of rolling up weed.

Wiz Khalifa weed
Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

"How to roll a joint with @wizkhalifa," wrote the Taylor Gang page on Instagram, posting a video of the head honcho preparing some delightful bud in his hands, which we assume have been washed for over twenty seconds. Flexing his favorite filter tips, a TGOD-branded shredder, and some custom raw papers, Wiz didn't actually get to the most important part: rolling up the joint... Instead of this being an educational video, it turns out to be a promotional clip for a bunch of his own weed paraphernalia.

If ever you're down to show the people how to really roll up, you're welcome to join us at the office for an official episode of How To Roll -- after the quarantine ends, that is.