Wiz Khalifa is unquestionably living the good life. Successful rap career, a steady supply of his favorite herbal supplement, and so on. Thankfully, he likes to share those good vibes with the world more often than not, and today is no exception. Following his support for non-lean users and his want for them to feel empowered, Wiz shared another quick clip about how you can take your self-improvement to the next level.

Underscored by the soulful sounds of Al Green's "Let's Stay Together," which offers up more than a little subliminal messaging, Wiz Khalifa introduces the idea that, in order to helpful and supportive to those around you, your own needs and self-care need to come through. "Today is all about being good to yourself," he began. "Take care of yourself. Because you can't help nobody else in this world if you're not your very best self." Blunt in hand, Wiz is the picture of relaxation and comfort, almost soothing you into a mental state where you can stop what you're doing - at work, at home, on the go - and really take a step towards bettering your own state of being, both physical and mental.

You can check out the video in full below.

This isn't the first time that Wiz has spoken directly to his fans over the past couple of weeks about an issue he deems important. After the sudden passing of Lil Peep to what is now being considered a drug overdose, the Laugh Now Fly Later emcee dropped some knowledge about drug usage and the culture surrounding it at a time when the spotlight has never been more uncomfortable for those who partake in such activities.

Speaking with Jinx at Complex, he said: "I just feel like somebody has to speak up for people who don't believe in that, or are really tired of seeing it. It's unfortunate that Lil Peep had to die and stuff like that, but these are the things people are gonna start seeing and keep happening if they don't really relax and fall back. I just want to be the responsible person and say something.”