Wiz Khalifa is hip-hop's crowned ruler of smoking anthems. On a day like today, after a heavy night of partying (or so we assume, Happy New Year and all), you'll probably want nothing more than to roll up a joint or three, stay in bed, order some UberEats and chill. Wiz can help you with those plans.

Say what you want about other rappers, none in the modern generation can achieve the same levels of epicness that Wiz breathes into his marijuana influenced anthems. From the moment Wiz touched down, we knew he was something special. His voice, before anything else, was his best feature. The silky smooth vocals were reminiscent of Snoop Dogg's similar cadence and tonality, which explains why the two stoners sound so good together on singles. 

Digging through Wiz's catalog to find the best smoking anthems was far from easy. We'd estimate that at least 75% of Wiz's discography could be considered when gathering a list. With several albums and mixtapes to choose from, that's a mountain of marijuana bangers. Still, we were able to pick through the songs to highlight ones that defined moments, created trends, and influenced rituals. Kush & OJ has a massive presence on the list, of course/as it should, but you may be surprised at some of the singles that made it. There are anthems on here you may not have heard in years, and the moment they hit, so too, will the memories.

Here is our list of the best Wiz Khalifa smoking anthems.