Wiz Khalifa's been teasing new music for a minute now. While he told fans that he'd strictly have an album on the way, he later changed his mind and announced that he'd drop a mixtape ahead of his album. While there's yet to be a  Laugh Now, Fly Later  release date confirmed, he's slowly rolling out the project. Tomorrow, he'll be dropping off the first single.

Wiz Khalifa hit his Instagram story today to announce that the first single off Laugh Now, Fly Later will drop tomorrow. The rapper posted a short video previewing the song with the caption, "My new single Letterman premiers tomorrow on Apple Music." The clip briefly plays a portion of the hook. However, he's previously played the track on his Instagram live in late September. It's a heavy hitting single and will definitely serve as a solid first single off his upcoming mixtape. At this point, it's likely we'll receive it before the end of the year.

Two days a go, Wiz Khalifa finally revealed the cover art and tracklist of the project. The tracklist and cover art weren't officially put out by Wiz himself but he did go on to confirm that both of them were indeed real. The mixtape will only consist of ten tracks including "Letterman." Aside from that, the only feature he has on the project isn't even from one of the Taylor Gang signees but with Casey Veggies, who's worked with Wiz on plenty of occasions. 

He's already previewed new music that'll be featured on the mixtape a few weeks a go. The single had a trap feel to it and he's heard rapping, "Rolling paper I aint smoking blunts (kush)/ O a day its two pounds a month/ Put it in my lungs then I'm good/ Only smoking fire like I should." 

With new music coming from Wiz tomorrow, make sure you keep your rolling papers tight and keep an eye out for it's release. Hopefully, it exceeds your expectations.