Cappie Poindexter has been playing in the WNBA for 13 years and has been an all-star seven times, yet she only makes $113,000 a year. For the average person, the salary isn't bad, but when you compare it to what comparable players in the NBA make, it's absurd. Kevin Durant has made the NBA all-star game eight times and he makes $26.54 million a year. That's 234 times what Poindexter makes. 

Sure, there are some finance differences between the two leagues (the WNBA's revenue is " likely much higher than $52.4 million" but nowhere near the NBA's $7.4 billion), so although the pay won't be able to be equal, the current disparity is unheard of. Poindexter was rcently interviewed by TMZ, to whom she explained the situation, saying "it's just getting out of line now." She also said that players "have to go to Europe for six months to make six figures and that's not cool" (a statement that should be taken outside the context of most peoples' lives). When asked about the possibility of a WNBA lockout Pondexter said, "I'm down for it," adding that if other are in too, "I'm all about it."

Poindexter finished with a simply put conclusion: "they should pay me what I deserve, man! 13 years!" watch the full video below: