A 28-year-old woman named Jakaria has accused one of Chris Brown's security guard of assaulting her and sending her to the hospital with whiplash, reports TMZ

The incident reportedly took place last Sunday, when Jakaria had been hanging out with Brown and his entourage at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas. Security had made Brown's guests turn in their cell phones, and Jakaria had happened to be carrying two. When she went to collect both of her phones, one of Brown's security guards thought she was trying to steal one belonging to someone else, and she reports that he proceeded to grab her hair and throw her to the ground. 

She claims the guard would have stomped on her while she was down had a bystander not interfered. Jakaria went home following the incident but then realized she needed treatment at the hospital, where, apparently, doctors told her that the beating had injured her neck with whiplash. 

Brown appears to not have been directly involved in the alleged assault. Police are currently looking into the report filed by Jakaria.