On Sunday (January 6th), a woman took to Twitter to shared very detailed accounts of what she says is rape suffered at the hands of Chicago rapper Towkio and another instance of sexual assault involving Chance The Rapper's drummer Stix.

According to the user, identified as @pppermint, Towkio, born Preston Oshita raped her in February 2016. When he invited her to his Wiker Park apartment in Chicago, she alleges that the rapper coerced her into sex and that when she attempted to stop the intercourse, he continued to penetrate her.

"I showed up and I had absolutely no intention on sleeping with him," she begins in a series of tweets. "I had a yeast infection and I knew that if I had engaged in intercourse it would be excruciatingly painful for me [...] He coerced me into having sex with him [...] I said no, at least, five times. It got to the point where he stood up and literally was pulling my arms to lead me into his bedroom. I figured, if I had sex with him he would stop pressuring me."

She adds: "Eventually, I gave in to his coerciveness. We started to have sex and after about 10 minutes, it was extremely painful. I was so scared. I could not take the pain anymore of him penetrating my body [...] I said to him, 'Preston, can we please stop? It’s starting to really hurt'... and he replied, 'No, I didn’t cum yet.'"

She goes on to add that she was "paralyzed with fear" and ultimately had to push him off of her. The accuser says that she went to a Planned Parenthood clinic the next day where she revealed to a nurse that she was raped."

"After the assault, I spiraled into a deep and dark depression," she concludes in the thread. "I am finally getting to a place where my healing is my main priority and I hope that my testimony can aid in bringing other victims forward."

The revelation was quickly met with support from other users, including someone who decided to point out what they claim to be Chance The Rapper's tendency to "surround" himself with accused abusers, citing his collaboration with Towkio. This then opened up the door for @pppermint to detail an encounter that she had with Chance's drummer Stix

She reveals that he sexually assaulted her in 2011 after her prom: " He pushed me in a room, closed the door, turned off the light & put his hands down my pants. I rejected his sexual advances and immediately left the room."

 In a screenshot that she uploaded, Stix apparently tries to apologize through DMs on Twitter, offering his own version of the incident, asking that she "not lie" about the encounter.