A woman by the name ofΒ Diamond Shantaniece Mackey is claiming that Soulja Boy is the father of her now 5-year-old son, according to TMZ.

Mackey has filed legal documents alleging that Soulja is one of two men she slept with at the time of conception, the other man being of mixed race-- which her baby is not.

She also says that the kid actually bears resemblance to the rapper, and she has witnesses that can attest to their relationship.

She has requested that a DNA test be performed. If it comes back positive, child support will be discussed.

[UPDATE: Soulja Boy's Alleged Baby Mama Releases Photos As Proof]

The woman claiming to be Soulja Boy's baby mama isn't letting go just yet. After requesting a DNA test from the rapper in order to prove he's the father of her five-year old son, she's gone ahead and released two incriminating photos to TMZ.

The first is her of straddling Soulja Boy, while the other is of her young son. The former she says was taken in 2007 in a hotel room, which was the night she took a pregnancy test which came back positive. Check them out in the gallery above.

Think she's telling the truth?