T.I. recently landed himself in hot water with his whole family. A video was posted online prompted his wife and kids to take a step back from the rapper. The video in question portrayed him getting real cozy with a lady that has been identified as Asia'h Epperson, a young actress. Here's a look at the starlet:

Since then, the strain between the famous couples could be felt through their personal Instagram profiles. Tiny fired back, addressing one of his posts that questioned the utility of marriage. Then, after spending father's day alone, T.I. posted a video that seemed to be addressed to his kids. While the tension is becoming quite public, the couple seems to be procrastinating when it comes to their divorce. 

Tiny has filed for divorce back in 2016, stating "unreconcilable differences" as the justification. For the last year or so, no real movement has taken place in the case, apart from both parties asking for more prep time. They have yet to make any substantial strides towards completion of their official separation. In this context, we might not even consider T.I. to be in the position to cheat since his soon-to-be ex-wife demanded to legally end their romantic relationship years ago. Despite the divorce filing, a lot of emotions are thrown on their social media profiles. Maybe the drama is pointing towards the passion they have for each other. Maybe they'll find their way back. 

Do y'all think he was cheating with that actress?