The woman whose arrest prompted T.I. to call for a boycott of Houston's restaurant in Georgia will not face charges. In 2018, a video surfaced of Brittany Marie Lucio being detained outside Houston's by the restaurant's security guard who just happened to be an off-duty police officer. The woman's friend recorded the incident and later shared images of Lucio's injuries that showed bruises and a black eye.

T.I. took to Instagram at the time to write, "Okay, so I've heard four different stories from four different sources about discrimination against us at two separate Houston’s Steakhouse locations in my city...Tomorrow we get answers." Later, a crowd convened outside of a Houston's and protested while Lucio faced charges of criminal trespassing and willful obstruction. According to reports, Lucio was told that she couldn't use the restaurant's restroom but went inside anyway and was confronted by the security guard.

The guard, however, said that when he attempted to remove Lucio from the restroom, she became uncontrollable. He reportedly grabbed her by the wrist and she yelled for him not to touch her. He ushered her outside where things escalated.

TMZ now states that because Lucio has completed a pretrial intervention program that included classes about civics and citizen's rights, she's off the hook. Lucio and her friends said that their skin color was a factor in the altercation and she's hired an attorney, Gerald Griggs, who says that they plan to sue the company. "Ms. Lucio’s name has been cleared and she looks forward to pursuing a civil action against law enforcement for the damage and injuries she sustained," Griggs told TMZ. "She would like to thank all of her supporters in this matter including [T.I.] and others that stood up for her."