Woman Tries To Get Revenge On Her Ex, Sets The Wrong Car On Fire

Kyle Rooney
September 06, 2016 10:55

Lookin' for revenge.

Meet Carmen Chamblee, a 19-year old Florida woman who wanted to get revenge on her ex-boyfriend by lighting his car on fire. 

Unfortunately for her, and the actual owner of the Honda Civic, she roasted the wrong whip. 

"I have no idea who she is," former automobile owner Thomas Jennings told local station WFTS. Jennings exited his residence at the urging of his alarmed roommate only to see the giant blaze that was once his Honda.

Chamblee allegedly stuck a rag in the car's gas tank and set it on fire. She may have also used a flammable liquid to bring further misdirected fury to the forsaken four-door.

Surveillance video outside of Jennings' residence led police to Chamblee who admitted that she was simply trying to get revenge on her ex-boyfriend. She now faces charges of second-degree arson. 

Her old boyfriend is probably fleeing the state of Florida as of the writing of this post. Not to mention, he's probably the one who outed her to police and picked up that $5,000 reward.


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Woman Tries To Get Revenge On Her Ex, Sets The Wrong Car On Fire