The anticipated DC flick Wonder Woman 1984 has come through with the first official look at Kristen Wiig's character, Cheetah. The one photo shows Kristen, who also goes by Barbara Minervain in her normal life, standing in a museum filled with lions, giraffes, and antelope - clearly foreshadowing her villainous character's tendencies. 

It's going to be exciting to see Kristen take a little break from her usual funny woman roles to play a more serious character that's out to attack rather than make us laugh. The film will, of course, see the return of Gal Gadot playing the beloved Wonder Woman, taking place in the United States in 1984. Gal has already taken to Twitter to share a few clips of the film to keep fans on their toes. 

There have even been some videos shared online of some of the filming taking place in Pennsylvania. 

Wonder Woman 1984 hits theaters November 1st, 2019.