Word On The Street: The Game Vs. Stitches

Danny Schwartz
December 18, 2015 16:27

Who would win in a fight, The Game or Stitches? New Yorkers weigh in.

At last, The Gamehas agreed to fight Stitches. Stitches first has to defeat one of Game's cronies #WhiteboyVsWhiteboy, but should he vanquish the other whiteboy, The Game v. Stitches has the makings of the #FightOfTheCentury, with spectacle and drama far surpassing that of #MayPac.

With this fight looming, we took to the streets of New York to ask locals for their prediction and what they thought of Stitches, an internet troll/attention-seeker of the highest order.

The Game takes care of himself," said one dude. "He's in the gym. Stitches looks like he just wants to grab an AK and shoot somebody. He doesn't look like he really wants to square up toe to toe."

Do you agree?

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Word On The Street: The Game Vs. Stitches