Working On Dying, the production collective made up of The Loosie Man, F1LTHY, Oogie Mane, Brandon Finessin, and Forza, are no strangers to working with Lil Uzi Vert. Between the five of them, they have laid down songs like "That's A Rack," "Sanguine Paradise," and more, earning a place as trusted collaborators to the Philadelphia rapper. Yet sadly, that all came crashing down upon the revelation that Forza was allegedly playing a role in the leaking of several of Uzi Vert's unreleased singles. Upon discovering this, Uzi went off on Twitter, absolutely laying into the WOD producer; it got so bad, Forza threatened to take his own life in response

Last night, as the matter was coming to the surface, Working On Dying CEO Brandon Finessin shared a statement on Instagram explaining his side of the story. "In no way shape or form does Working On Dying support leaking music of any sort," explains . "There's a lot of things to this, so it's very complex. I just want to get in front of this and say Working On Dying as a collective isn't involved in shit. It was one person who is a part of our collective that decided to do some dumbass shit, and there are consequences to that. Even before the internets decided to have their opinions, we took action first. We discipline our own before the world is going to do it."

 Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The statement continues, and the honesty and realness with which Finessin delivers it remains appreciated. "We have love and respect for Vert, so we let him handle it the best way he felt that he wanted to handle it," he continues. "But thoroughly speaking, we don't support any type of shit like that. It's rough for us too...It's really easy for the internet to drag a whole company down over the actions of one person. It was some shit we didn't even know as a collective."

"We took action first," he confirms. "We removed him from our collective first. We already disciplined him first. Me as CEO of this company, when I found out I took action immediately. Apparently Uzi found out and took action as well...When you find out heavy accusations you don't be quick to take action, you gotta figure it out. You have to gather the evidence, and we did. It's a hard decision we had to make."

While Forza's disturbing claims of self-harm have yet to be addressed by the collective, they did reiterate that their relationship with Uzi and his camp has indeed been salvaged. You can learn more about the situation by checking out Finessin's statement, as well as the collective's own, below.