In 2012, Walt Disney Animation Studios breathed life into Wreck-It Ralph; the antagonist of the fictional arcade game, Fix-It Felix Jr. Fans sympathized with the misunderstood character and watched him redeem himself in his eponymous film. The highly-anticipated sequel released its trailer today, and it's looking like quite the visual marvel.

The trailer begins with the installation of a modem; a prospect that intrigues Ralph and his friend, Vanellope. Upon their connection, they experience internet tropes and conventions like notification sounds, clickbait, and eBay. The trailer ends with a prolonged scene of Ralph playing a game, and in turn, wrecking it. Outside of the internet element, the trailer doesn't reveal any plot elements or an indication of the trouble our protagonists will get in to.

Wreck-It Ralph took many viewers off guard. Early trailers depicted appearances from beloved video game characters of our past. The original film became a heartfelt nostalgia trip for older audiences. Wreck-It Ralph 2 will feature appearances from Disney princesses and characters from one of Disney's recent acquisitions, The Star Wars franchise. While previously slated for March 2018, the new trailer simply states the movie will be "Loading in cinemas 2018".